sea tales

4 Episodes

Sea Tales. The seas and oceans are the perfect environment for great adventures, from Melville’s Moby Dick to Lovecraft’s Cthulhu… though perhaps literary parallels aren’t always the best example.

With our Sea Tales we want to tell you the stories of people and communities around the world who live by, and from, the seas and waterways of the world, through the words and images of photographer Carla Milone.

From Myanmar to India, Brazil to Italy, the world of fishers is a marvelous panorama of diversity. There are those who beat the water with sticks to splash the fish up into the air, those who fish with their bare hands in the water, those who fish from the land and those who fish from their colorful boats (who knows why fishing boats are so colorful?), big nets and small, and fish traps of all shapes and sizes.

Follow the Sea Tales of Slow Fish and widen your horizon.

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