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The Taste Workshops of Slow Fish return to Genoa from July 1 to 4, with three exquisite previews.

You’ll find a remarkable range of Italian delicacies both to eat and drink, combining the finest offerings of the land and seas surrounding the peninsula.

We’ll taste smoked fish, bottarga, seafood preserves—which aren’t limited to saltwater species, but regard all aquatic ecosystems—“poor” mussels and noble oysters—the latter also Italian, despite the commonplace combo of oysters and champagne—seafood charcuterie and focaccia stuffed with fish and vegetables.

Our chefs, fishers and mussel farmers are preparing to deliver the most authentic flavors, whether they be obtained from poorer or more sophisticated ingredients. We’ll then match them with sumptuous wines and beers to widen the horizon.

Seats are limited in order to allow our guests to enjoy themselves in safety and security. You can buy tickets now and until June 30 — or a little earlier for the preview events. Any remaining places will be on sale at the Event Reception during the days of the event. The location will be communicated as soon as it is finalized.

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